Friday, August 5, 2016

What is a Mountain Bike?

A mountain bike is a type of a bike that can be used for cycling off road in places like the woods, zipping in deserts, rocky terrain or even under more rugged conditions. A mountain bike is also enhanced in speed and stability compared to the normal type of bikes. After all, what is more important than speed?

To achieve all this, it is designed to have a more stouter and upright frame. It also designed to offer a higher rate of clearance over rocks, logs and even in all forms of ruts and rugged terrain. It has also been enabled to endure all forms of stress and distress while riding and ensuring comfort at all times. One can safely engage corners and rugged terrain without feeling the impact. 

A mountain bike is also different from the normal types of bikes; it has a wide knobbly tire which allows the bike to have a perfect grip and traction on surfaces of any type of terrain. They also accommodate less tire pressure than that of the normal road bikes allowing for better traction on softer roads. They also come with perfect strong wheels and spokes that are durable and stronger. They can withstand rough riding which is the nature of mountain bike riding. Similarly, the frames are made of steel, aluminium or carbon fiber. Steel is the most preferred due to its strength and durability. It is often designed from low priced steel. However, often, the steel is heavy and may rust. However, aluminium is common and is more lighter and rust proof but also relatively strong. Finally, the frame may also be made of carbon fiber which is as light as aluminium and is also rust proof, and relatively strong, but prone to breakages usually suddenly and at the worst time when least expected. Sometimes, some frames may be made from titanium which are super lighter and very strong compared to the aluminium and carbon fiber which are prone to failing.

The variation from the road bikes is that their handlebars are flat and come straight from the stem with a wider grip, same as the shoulder width. It allows the rider to sit at an upright position for better control and vision when traversing rugged terrains. The other special features of the bikes are that they come with gears which allow one to vary the speed on any form of terrain. They also come with a two or three chain rings as the crank assembly. These are often smaller than those on the road bikes. This is controlled by the granny gears when accelerating steep climbs. Often, the gears are of 16 to about 27 gear systems. The pedals may be clipped or clip less to allow the use of the cleated shoes. 

A mountain bike comes with better comfort, better handlebars control and gears system for speed. A mountain bike is therefore a special two wheeled manual controlled machine which can allow you move in any form of terrain. It is unique and special as a bike and is the best companion when using any form of terrain.

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